Kids Take a Stand

Kids Take a Stand are shows that can be booked and performed for your school as a special event or as a feature performance for your class. Our shows highlight important issues in the contemporary classroom promoting positive interaction and encouragement.

The Bully Twins!

The Bully Twins is a musical multimedia production that features a superhero duo that appears when bullies are around and saves the day. Their arch nemesis is Nasty Man, who attempts to foil their lessons by encouraging kids to do the wrong thing. In the end we find the greatest power you can possess is standing up for one another and doing the right thing, even Nasty Man can’t battle this. The lesson learned is we can all be superheroes if we follow the simple rules the twins show us: Respect , Help, and Acceptance of one another. Grades K-3

Keys to Succeed

Keys To Succeed tackles the challenge of being a leader and the character traits a person needs to make a difference in both the classroom and the world. Tying in perfectly with many school’s character development and asset building programs, Keys to Succeed reinforces these ideas by telling the story of Max, a 5th grader, who decides he is going to make a difference by being a better person. The trials and triumphs of Max are funny and poignant and in the end inspiring, as he learns that one person can make a difference. Featuring a cast of kids and professional actors as well as a charming score and colorful set and costumes, Keys to Succeed is a must for all kids. Grades 3-8

10 Really Dumb Things You Should Not Do With Your Computer

A 40 minute musical aimed that addresses the new biggest threat to our children, and it’s right there in your house—your computer. Using multimedia and music we show you all the buttons, pop-ups, cookies, emails, chat rooms, information requests, and “free” offers that you need to avoid in order to make sure that cyber-space stays safe. Fun, interactive and topical. “10 really…” is put together to instruct kids without scaring them while also showing them the safe places on the web. Grades K-5.

F2F or “Face to Face”

This production is a hard hitting multimedia play that tells the story of Sean, his sister Tara, and his best friend Alex. Alex lives to surf the net, and is a bit of an amateur hacker, which comes in handy when he makes a best friend . Alex asks him for help with an online game that he’s hooked on. As it turns out, its worse than Alex lets on. What happens next will keep you on the edge of your seat. F2F is a frank look at the dangers of internet predators and how something so simple can become dangerous in a hurry. Grades 6-8 .

The cost per performance is $400. Reduced rates apply for multiple bookings.

To book Kids Take a Stand shows call 724-832-7464