The benefits of performing arts go far beyond building audiences and inspiring future audiences – research demonstrates early intellectual development and later academic achievement for young participants. Stage Right! successfully integrates the experience of performing arts students with the reality of professional production and presentation. Equally important to our mission of personal and professional growth and student success is the service to the community.

The performing arts play a vital role in the life of a community. The presence of lively arts community attracts great people to our area.   We are not just a local nonprofit organization, we are vital contributing members who are worthy business partners.

Your participation is more than just dollars – it lets us inspire the minds of young and old while we encourage the actors, singers, dancers and artists of tomorrow.

Please take a moment to learn about the various different ways you can get involved.  Whether you are an individual or business owner, your support will help our children’s dreams come true while helping us to provide a cultural community that benefits all.