StageRight! offers a variety of dance classes at different levels including jazz, modern dance, tap and ballet. We place emphasis on developing well rounded dancers who excel in a musical theatre context.


In Jazz 1 and 2, dancers will learn terminology, counting, across the floor and center combinations. Technique is highly stressed. In Jazz 3 students are then introduced to different styles of choreography, from hip-hop to musical theatre. In Jazz 4, students learn to work at a faster pace as well as intensifying the level of warm-ups and across the floor combinations. (Jazz 4 will be twice a week in order to improve flexibility, stamina and technique.


Modern Dance

This class incorporates many elements of ballet, jazz, world dance while placing a value on personal expression and lyrical movement. This class will emphasize a whole body approach in order to free the dancer. Techniques will be based on the teachings of Modern Dance founders such as Isadora Duncan,Martha Graham and Humphrey Weidman. This class will improve flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.

Tap – 1, 2, 3, 4

Students learn the importance of counting, rhythms and using the floor as an instrument. Basic steps and terminology are covered and students learn to put together across the floor combinations as well as routines from great tap musicals.

Ballet 1, 2, 3, Pointe

Providing the core of all dance, Ballet 1 students do barre work and learn the basics of technique. In Ballet 2, and 3 barre and across the floor work become more complex. Pointe work is offered for those that meet the instructors criteria.

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