Summer Theatre Camps

1st Summer Camp Ages 8 thru 18 – Monday, June 12th thru Saturday July 1st
2nd Summer Camp Ages 8 thru 18 – Monday, July 10th thru Saturday, July 29th

Students learn the basics of theatre terminology, as well as understanding the basic concepts of acting. All instruction is Meisner based and focuses on the reality of doing, text analysis and character development. Viewpoints and Viola Spolin Improv are also explored. Classes also get the basics of voice and speech play warm-up and theatre games and work on scenes and monologues.

Dancers will learn terminology, counting, across the floor and center combinations. Technique is highly stressed. Students are also introduced to different styles of choreography, from hip-hop to musical theatre. Eventually students learn to work at a faster pace as well as intensifying the level of warm-ups and across the floor combinations. Teen classes can help prepare students for college auditions as well as improving flexibility, and overall dance ability.

Students learn the importance of counting, rhythms and using the floor as an instrument. Basic steps and terminology are covered and students learn to put together across the floor combinations as well as routines from great tap musicals.

Teaches the basics of breathing, tonality and support as well as learning songs from all styles of music. Students concentrate on musical theatre pieces and reaffirming technique.

Special Guests
Occasionally we will welcome a professional artist who will hold a master class or an informal question and answer session with students. These are tremendous opportunities for kids to gain extra knowledge and experience from these guest stars! On slate for this summer: Broadway Legend Lenora Nemetz, Equity Actors: Daina Griffith, and Alex Noble, an an improv workshop with Pgh Improv genuis Missy Moreno, and Professional Headshots by Kelly Tunney.

In the afternoon, after lunch, students in both age groups rehearse the show they are performing at the end of camp. On the first day of camp there is an audition. This is NOTHING to be afraid of. We want you to do the best that you can do and everyone will get a chance to shine onstage. Most lead roles are double or triple cast depending on the amount of students and shows. After the shows are cast, we start rehearsal. Usually the rehearsal process starts by learning the music. It’s helpful to have a little recorder or recorder app on your phone to record your parts to practice at home. Choreography rehearsals will require you have clothes you are able to move in and all students must wear appropriate footwear. It’s important to keep track of your materials and to bring a pencil to rehearsal to write down blocking and choreography. When we move into the theatre for the 4 days of rehearsal your whole day is now rehearsal only, from 9 to 4 with a break for lunch. Remember rehearsals will accomplish more and create a better show if all of us work together and support one another!

Stars of Tomorrow [July 31st 10:00 a.m. thru Noon / Show is Saturday, August 5]
As taught by Renata Marino and Jeanne Kane, Stars of Tomorrow Camp is a chance for our youngest students to receive their first training in theatre. This is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in being on stage. Students are encouraged to stretch their imaginations, increase their confidence and create characters. Many of our finest students have started here. Students play theatre games, learn the basics of singing, take beginner tap and jazz classes and take part in a live performance at the end of camp. This summer the camp will culminate with a fully staged musical production.

Spectrum Theatre Camp [ July 31st 1:00 p.m. thru 3:00 p.m. / Show is Saturday, August 5]

Stage Right! Musical Theatre Camp for special needs children is an exciting new program for ages 8-18. This program uses dance, music and drama to work with the students to discover new things about themselves and the world around them. Developed by professional artists and based on nation autism programs, this experience engages and challenge your child, encouraging them to connect with themselves, social situations and each other in deep and enriching ways. This classes also uses Stage Right! students as mentors, so each child will have a one-on-one mentor through-
out their camping experience.

This program is funded in part by:

The Robertshaw Foundation and

R.K. Mellon Foundation