StageRight! offers a variety of dance classes at different levels including jazz, modern dance, tap and ballet. We place emphasis on developing well rounded dancers who excel in a musical theatre context.

Beginning and Intermediate Ballet

Ballet is the basis of all dance and a working knowledge of it is essential for all performers. As a dance it strengthens the muscles and provides the foundation for Jazz. Even those who consider themselves non-dancers will find a ballet class gives them a greater understanding of their bodies as a whole. All performers will benefit. Each level of Ballet increases the physical demands as well as the technical expertise. Pointe students are chosen by the instructor when she thinks they are ready.  $112/semester (Each year has 4 semesters)

Tap – 1, 2, 3, 4

Students learn the importance of counting, rhythms and using the floor as an instrument. Basic steps and terminology are covered and students learn to put together across the floor combinations as well as routines from great tap musicals.  $112/semester (Each year has 4 semesters)

Jazz – 1, 2, 3, 4

This is a college style dance class, you WILL NOT be working on the same combination all year.
Jazz 1 and 2 is for the beginner/intermediate dancer. Dancers will learn terminology, counting, technique and across the floor and center combinations.  $112/semester (Each year has 4 semesters)

Jazz 3 is for the intermediate/advanced dancer. Students are challenged with more difficult combinations and technique. $155/semester (Each year has 4 semesters)

Jazz 4 is for the advanced dancer and should be enrolled in ballet. Dancers learn to work at a faster pace as well as intensifying the level of warm-ups and across the floor combinations. $155/semester (Each year has 4 semesters)