Performing Arts Classes

Summer Brochure 2017

Stage Right! School for the Performing Arts provides a wide range of musical theatre focused classes that run concurrently with most school calendars. Classes are offered in 8-week semesters, with chances to try any class for free during the first week of each new semester. All classes are focused around students improving their dance, vocal, and acting technique in preparation for their involvement in Stage Right’s professional season and student workshop productions. Students can take as many or as few classes as fit in their schedule. Stage Right! is committed to providing opportunities for students of all ages and income levels – scholarships and tuition assistance are available. Individual class descriptions provide more information about the specifics of each class, and for more information, don’t hesitate to call the office at 724-832-7464!

Stage Right! recognizes that there are a number of high school graduates taking ‘gap years’ before deciding on their educational futures. We also are sensitive to how a number of students decide to redirect themselves after an initial year in college.  In response to these unique situations we are expanding the age of  instruction in our general classes to 21. This only applies to students not currently enrolled in a college performance program. These students are subject to the same code of ethics and rules as all Stage Right Students. These students ARE NOT eligible for the Stage Right Student shows but may still audition to be a part of the professional season.