Capital Campaign Giving Categories

Stage Right! Capital Campaign Gifting Chart

StageRight! is currently accepting gifts of all sizes in order to do the necessary renovation to our newly acquired building. To be a more permanent member of the StageRight! family consider one of the gift amounts below and receive naming rights for part of our new school and theatre.

Naming Rights

Name a Floor $100,000

Every Floor is filled with sound and fury of excited students here at Stage Right! On any day you might find a rehearsal, a Dance or Acting class, voices singing. Your name could become synonymous with this joy and your support will ensure it continues and grows!

Name the Donor Wall $75,000

This will will feature a musical staff with notes identifying our donors. it will be the finishing touch on the main hallway and stairs.

Gathering Lobby $50,000

As part of the new Shirley Mae Theatre, a gathering lobby will feature cast pictures and information about upcoming shows.

Studio, or Music Room $25,000

The young talents that inhabit these rooms every day are the embodiment of what Stage Right! is. They are the dreamers, singing and dancing their hearts out and creating a glorious noise!

Sponsor a Show $20,000

Professional Equity actors, mentoring and sharing their gifts with Stage Right! students and the community.

Other Opportunities ranging from $5, 000 – $15,000 or customize one especially for you. Just contact Adriane Deithorn, Director of Development at Stage Right!

Read more about our capital campaign here!