In the beginner levels, students learn the basics of theatre terminology, as well as understanding the basic concepts of acting.

We base all instruction on the acting theories of American actor Sanford Meisner focusing on the reality of doing, text analysis and character development.Students are also introduced to other  acting theories and teachers in order to give the students a working knowledge of all accepted acting concepts. Classes also employ improvisation, basic voice and speech techniques, warm ups and theatre games.

At the advanced level students take part in the Pittsburgh Public Theatre’s Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Contest. Students in these classes work on vital acting skills and repertoire necessary for gaining entry to the top college and university theatre programs.

Classes offered include:

  • Pre-Teen – 8-12 years Acting 1, Acting 2 and Acting 3.  The Acting 3 level will be determined by the Instructor
  • Teen – 13-18 years – Acting 2, Acting 3 and Acting 4.  Acting 3 and 4 levels are determined by the instructor
  • Master Audition Class – Junior and Seniors Only per the instructor.  Vocal and Monologue preparation class

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