Our Mission:

Stage Right! builds a culturally engaged community through performing arts education and advocacy. We are a catalyst for personal creative expression and character development, with a focus on professionals mentoring young performers. Our diverse, multidisciplinary initiatives provide a positive and supportive environment that improves the quality of life for the communities they serve.


Stage Right! Theatre Company offers top-notch professional theatre and employs 20-25 Equity actors per season. We maintain ten productions throughout the season
offering adult productions, student productions and children productions. This gives us the opportunity to appeal to the greatest number of people. The challenge still
remains to keep the ticket prices down without sacrificing quality and being true to the mission and standards that are Stage Right!

The theatre component of Stage Right! is charged with producing a show that is artistically challenging for the actors, falls within the budget for the company, and has enough public appeal to sell tickets to our core demographic, a family with 2+ children between the ages of 4-12. This audience demands a certain type of production and over the past three years has had an impact on our theatrical season. We have added several shows per year to appeal to this demographic.


In additional to 5 professional productions we also present 3 full-length Student Company productions. The winter production features a luncheon prior to the show and has sold out the past three years.


Founded in 1998 with just 12 students, Stage Right currently has an enrollment that averages 180 students year round. The school is based on the tenet that professional artists, instructing, mentoring and working alongside student actors profoundly affects their development. Our students are taught by professionals and then are given the opportunity to work with them on stage. This synergy creates highly successful graduates.

Our students have been accepted by some of the top musical theatre schools in the nation. At this point we now have students that have graduated from college, received their Equity card, performed in New York and the tri-state area and returned to teach or give a master’s class at Stage Right! Our core classes include acting, tap, jazz, voice, ballet, and musical theatre.

Our students range from 4 years to 18. Stage Right continues its involvement in the Propel Schools in the Pittsburgh Public School System. We provide the musical theatre component in selected elementary and high schools, staffed by professional actors who can teach full time. The project involves developing a curriculum to fit Propel’s needs and Stage Right’s resources. We then adapt what we consider our product to an inter-city school system.