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Stage Right! School for the Performing Arts and Professional Theatre Company is a 501c3 non-profit. Click to read more about how to support the arts! “I just have to say that I am consistently amazed at the quality of productions that these kids put on. I laugh, and cry, and feel all the emotions that theater is supposed to inspire. I have lived many places over the years and I have never seen an organization like Stage Right. What you guys provide is a vital part of our community and I am truly grateful that my child has the opportunity to be a part of it!” J. Estok


Stage Right! School for the Performing Arts and Professional Theatre Company offers evening classes in acting, singing, dance and Saturday workshops that combine all three for musical theatre. Click to read more about how to register for classes! ” I just want to thank-you Tony and Renata and Chris and all of the awesome teachers that reach out and give these kids the love, support and respect!! You make them believe in themselves in such a positive way!! These shows were amazing, the talent and bond that these kids have is priceless!! Thank-you” K. Carver


Stage Right! Professional Theatre Company offers six professional and six student shows each season. Tink! on sale now and Bye Bye Birdie goes on sale September 1st. Click for more information! “As a student, I’ve had so many opportunities to not only be cast in many shows but work the tech side as well. It’s been amazing over the years building sets, starring next to professionals, even getting called the night before opening to take over the lead. Stage Right! has raised me into this lovely craft so I can go our and do this the rest of my life!!” Brandon Shawl ’15, Liberty University, Theatre Arts: Performance and Production